Mountain Biking

Detroit Mountain will have biking trails coming summer 2015

Bike Trails, Gravity Feed Flow Trails!The biking trails continue to be designed by Progressive Trail Design out of Arkansas. The trails are being carefully designed with all levels of riders – from beginners to professionals – in mind. Our goal is to make the New Detroit Mountain a Mountain Biking Destination, bringing you an exciting new network of trails, along with gravity fed flow type trails that will put a smile on faces of ALL AGES!

Contour Flow Trails

A natural surface trail consisting of berm, rollers and constant undulation to create a “roller coaster-like” experience.

Downhill Flow Trails

These trails will drop down the east side of the mountain that contours across the mountain taking advantage of the wooded areas. They will consist of  berms, multiple rollers and few custom wood ramp features.

Skills Course

The Skills Course is a playground-like facility comprised of a variety of elevated features, such as ladder bridges, designed to teach balance and technical handling skills.