The Detroit Mountain D-Team

The Detroit Mountain D-Team is a program that offers a fun introduction to the world of ski racing competition. The “D” stands for “Development”, and puts an emphasis on rounding out the student’s skill sets as all mountain skiers, while helping apply these skills to their speed and control on the race course and competition stage. The D-Team is for skiers age 6-18.

The D-Team program is designed as an introduction to the more technical aspects of skiing, and is not a program for first-timers. Skiers must be able to make controlled S-Turns down the mountain and be able to ride the chairlift on their own.

This program is for building teamwork, friendship, self-confidence and skiing FUN!

This is a race program, rather than a Learn to Ski Program. We expect racers to be independent on the hill (able to snowplow/ski most of the hills at Detroit Mtn) and ride the chairlift with no help. We can take a limited number of racers who still need a little assistant with the chairlift in the early season.

The Winter Camp may be the perfect time to learn the necessary basics for those who are not quite ready for the team. {Special pricing for Camp Only}

About Our Programs


The Sunday only program will begin
Sunday, December 2nd
and train through
March 2, 2019.
Unless otherwise announced, the practices will be
Racers have the option of attending 4 races for the season. This Race Program teaches racers at their own level to help prepare them for DTeam+ and Northland practices/races as a part of a Junior Race program.


Same as DTeam with
7 additional Thursday
night practices
Training begins
Dec 2nd.
Racers have the option of attending 5 races for the season.


Sundays (1-4pm),
Mondays and Thursday
evenings (6-8pm)

are becoming more and more popular for our more advanced racers. Training
begins, Dec 2nd.
Racers have the option of attending 10-12 races for the season.

Weather Policy

D-Team practices and races are rarely cancelled for any weather-related circumstances.   Detroit Mountain Cold Weather Closure is:

-10 Straight Temp, -25 Wind Chill, or 30mph or greater wind gusts

If Detroit Mountain is able to be open during the hours of a scheduled practice, practice will go on as planned. However, as always, it is each parent’s individual decision whether their child attends and we fully support that decision. You each know your kids best! When it is cold, we will offer frequent warm up breaks, but please use your own discretion.  We will email out and post the information to Facebook as soon as possible.


Practice Options

D-Team $325

Sundays 1-4pm
4 Races

DTeam+ $450

Sundays 1-4pm
7 Thurs 6-8pm
5 Races

Northland $575

Sundays 1-4pm
Mon & Thurs 6-8pm
12 Races