Focus Group Summary

Detroit Mountain Focus Group Summary

The focus group was held April 8th at the Detroit Lakes Campus of the Minnesota State Technical and Community College to assist in the completion of the Development Concept section of the Detroit Mountain Recreation Area Feasibility Study. The event was promoted for one week prior through radio, newsprint, and the internet via  Approximately 30 area residents participated.

Four groups of eight participants were formed and asked to complete an outline that directed the groups to list potential activities, user months, facility requirements, visitor usage, staffing needs, environmental impact, educational opportunities, fee structure, and concerns and benefits.  A space for identifying supporting user groups and organizations and additional comments was also provided.  Participants were given 45 minutes to complete the outline.

All suggested uses and activities will be evaluated for their compatibility with the mission statement, the overall site location, environment, and other uses.  Similar uses or activities available within a 25 mile radius will be reviewed for competition as well as support.

Completion of the focus group will determine a cost/benefit analysis of each proposed use or activity that meets the above requirements.

Data Collection

·     57 different uses and activities were identified.

·     10 of those uses were identified as four season, 36 uses were identified as three season, 7 were identified as winter only, 3 as summer only, and 1 spring only.

·     22 uses and activities would require paid staffing and another 12 would provide volunteer opportunities.

·     38 activities support the goal of providing healthy fitness activity or educational opportunities.

·     11 activities or uses have potential for creating an annual event or attraction for the area.

Survey Comments

·     Local academic institutions could be involved in the education process, specifically in the sciences and recreational development.  Students help with design and layout.

·     Scout organizations participate in service projects.

·     Condo/timeshare with access to facilities.  Rental cabins similar to Andes Tower Hills.

·     Chalet used for visitor/nature center, weddings, reunions, business retreats.


Detroit Mountain Focus Group Summary