Detroit Mountain Recreational Area uses purpose-built snow features to help assist guests by naturally controlling their speed when first learning to ski and snowboard.

The terrain keeps first timers speed in check and provides a FUN, safe and controlled environment to learn. Guests focus on going instead of stopping which equals an amazing guest experience!

What We Offer

Group Lesson


All Ages

Saturdays and Holidays – 10:00 am and 2:00 pm
Sundays – 11:00 am and 2:00 pm

This is your traditional group lesson for all ages. This lesson gives you exclusive access to our Terrain Based Learning area where we can teach skiing and snowboarding in a safe environment. We build the skills needed to safely learn to turn and control yourself without the constant need to stop. We try to keep the instructor to student ratio at 1:5 but based upon capacity this may be a little higher or lower based upon demand.

Group Lesson
Small Fry Lessons


Under 5 Years Old

Saturdays and Holidays 11:45 a.m.
Sundays 12:45 p.m.

This is a lesson geared toward your ambitious young one that wants to take part in the fun winter has to offer. To share in the excitement, we encourage you watch your loved one from our special viewing area. Upon request we can give you the opportunity to take some closer photos and or video of your young ones.

S Camp


Multiple packages available to meet your needs. By the Hour, Half Day, or Full Day.

Our 1:1 private session can take your skills to the next level and give you the confidence you desire in a more private setting. This option gives you the flexibility to schedule your instruction virtually anytime Detroit Mountain is open. Sessions will be based upon your individual needs. Reservations must be made at least 72 hours in advance. Booking is not available online, so please call (218) 844-7669 to reserve.

When joining our private lesson program, you will be assessed on the progression on snow, while being guided to become a better and more fluid skier. We offer a 4-tier session program that is structured to help you become a better skier, while giving you the tools to progress as your ability and comfort levels allow. With access to our Terrain Based Learning™ area and a professional instructor, we can almost eliminate the fear and anxiety elements completely; letting you focus on enhancing your on the snow skills. The Terrain Based Learning™ area has specialized features that has you sliding on snow with a natural speed and body position that makes you excel at a faster rate, which equals more fun on the snow.
Our progression on snow shows appreciation to our areas most notable lakes, after all this is lakes country!


This is where we begin to introduce your child to a whole new world of sliding on snow and how much fun it is to be out there. We try and not bog them down with the details and let them play on snow to get a feel for their balance, while with an instructor. On the snow, we instruct in a controlled environment that is shaped to help them learn the sport faster, some call it fun we call it Terrain Based Learning™. This session is mainly taking place on our beginner hills in our learning area.


We begin to introduce light techniques such as parallel turns (i.e. skiing across runs safely and not straight down), along with many other key components to bring your child to the next level. Our Instructors incorporate fun into the lessons, while balancing the proper development of the sport. This session will usually start in our learning area, unless previous enrollment in our program is shown. We will then teach them proper lift safety and advance to the main lift to start and explore the other areas that DM has to offer.


Level three is geared towards those that are beyond the basics. This is where to introduce many different techniques and training to let your child explore the sport at their own pace. We start to mix the downhill sliding with technical aspects to further your child’s development, this is where the brain meets the brawn.This session primarily takes place on our blue runs with the possibility of exploring new terrain. Please note that any new students without previous enrollment will need to be assessed in our learning area before any advanced teaching will take place.


In this level, we focus on advanced technical skills and techniques. This is where your child can pick the specific direction they want to develop. Whether it be on groomed trails or advanced trails, we have the experienced team to help you accomplish what you want. This will primarily be taking place in our advanced terrain areas, including our black diamond runs and terrain parks. This is also a great point to transition into our D-team racing program, if that is of interest to your child.

Lesson Rates
Private Lessons


All Ages

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Ready to take your skills to that next level or want a more private setting for your first learning experience. This lesson gives you the flexibility to schedule your 1 hour lesson time virtually anytime Detroit Mountain is open. Lessons will be paced upon your individual needs. Contact 72 hours in advance to book, booking not available online must call (218) 844-7669.

Private Lesson Rates
Check out our amazing team here: : detroitmt.shredbetter.com