Detroit Mountain Ski Patrol


Enjoy Skiing or Riding?
Want people to enjoy it as well and help them be safe doing it?
Have an interest in helping people and growing the industry?

Ski Patrol is a great way to server as an ambassador to DM and promote your favorite winter sport.
Becoming a Ski Patrol has its perks: Discounted gear, Cheap Season passes, Buddy passes, passes to other ski resorts and a community of life long friends.
Ski PatrolDM Ski patrol is a unique group of individuals passionate about growing the sport and providing excellent customer service by offering quick response care and guidance while you are on the hill. We provide the OEC course in the fall, if you are interested please contact us at and we can have one of Ski Patrollers walk you thru the process to get you on board.

For more info, contact Mark Lindquist, Detroit Mountain Ski Patrol Director at:
218.850.7083 //

The Detroit Mountain Ski Patrol is a fully sanctioned chapter of the National Ski Patrol.  We are a volunteer organization serving the Detroit Mountain Recreation Area and its guests by providing basic emergency medical care on the mountain and on the property.  Though membership is a serious commitment of time and effort, there are many benefits besides fun, camaraderie and the opportunity for community service.


  • Yearly CPR Certification.  Either online or attending a recognized course.
  • Outdoor Emergency Care Certification.  Needs to be completed within two years of joining the patrol as a candidate.
  • National Ski Patrol Membership.  Annual dues are $84.
  • Must volunteer at least 80 hours with the patrol during the ski season.
  • Must provide own medical pack or bag.  OEC certified patrollers must provide NSP vest or jacket.


  • Season Pass - $25 each for OEC patroller and in-home family members.  Candidates eligible only for individual pass.
  • Single-Day Passes - Five free guest passes after 40 hours worked.  Five more after 80 hours worked.  Passes can be used on the tubing hill, or for a guest's lift ticket or rentals or both.  Lift ticket and rental would require two passes from the patroller.
  • Five guest passes may be carried over into the next season and will be immediately available.
  • Rental Discounts - Some blackout dates apply.
  • Food and beverage discounts - When on duty.
  • Merchandise discount - DM Mountain Shop.
  • Discounted DM Patrol logo wear – Casual wear items to wear while off duty.
  • Commemorative Patrol T Shirt –Different design each season
  • Ski Skills Enhancement Seminars.  Many opportunities to strengthen your skills.  Toboggan training is encouraged and provided, but not required.
  • Opportunities to sign on to patrol at other ski areas throughout the country.
  • NSP Discounts.  NSP Magazine.  The NSP catalog provides dramatic discounts on high-quality gear and clothing to members.